About InclusivePCOS.ca

We’re on a mission to change how Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) support is provided to Canadians. Most of the resources and content to help those with PCOS is NOT:

  • Age-Inclusive
  • Culturally-Inclusive
  • Gender-Inclusive
  • Size-Inclusive

That’s why we created inclusivepcos.ca – here to provide supportive, evidence-based information, content, and care to all Canadians with PCOS. 

Have you been told that…PCOS is only something you need to worry about if you’re looking to start or grow your family? You’ll find help here to support you in feeling your best with PCOS –  from teen years through menopause and beyond. Because PCOS doesn’t only impact fertility: there are other lifelong health implications as well. Knowledge and support in managing these is vital to your physical and emotional wellbeing for life.

Do you ever feel that your providers assume there’s a one-size-fits-all Westernized approach to managing PCOS? Does it conveniently seem to leave out your cultural foods and customs? This isn’t okay! Your culture is an integral part of who you are and should be included in how you approach your PCOS and wellness. You’ll find culturally-diverse blogs, resources, and providers here.

Does it ever seem like the websites, brochures, and social media content for PCOS are highly feminized? (Pink headers, text, and graphics galore. Identifying everyone with PCOS as women.) We’ve noticed this, too, and want to do better. Trans men, nonbinary folks, and gender nonconforming individuals get diagnosed with PCOS too; we’re here to provide gender-inclusive resources and help you to find supportive providers.

Are you tired of being told on repeat that weight loss is the solution to your PCOS? It’s time to shut down the diet culture mentality that has infested PCOS recommendations for decades. We’re a Health At Every Size®-friendly space, committed to supporting anti-diet and fat-positive messaging. We believe in your right to choose your own health priorities. Providing person-centered, weight-inclusive care that respects your emotional and physical wellness is our top priority. 

We’re two dietitians on a mission to provide more inclusive resources and support to Canadians with PCOS. We’re just getting started, and plan to grow our resource library, provider directory, and overall content in the coming months. We’re also here to highlight content from 2SLGBTQ+ and BIPOC providers/organizations relevant to PCOS and consistent with our mission of inclusivity. Please feel free to reach out at hello@inclusivepcos.ca if you have any suggestions, constructive feedback, or would like to join the conversation by participating in our professional directory (coming in 2022).

Inclusive PCOS Canada
Noura Sheikhalzoor and Sarah O'Hara

Who We Are

Noura Sheikhalzoor, MSc, RD, CDE (she/her) is based in Ontario, Canada. She runs a private practice supporting people with PCOS. 

Hi! I’m Noura. I’ve been a registered dietitian since 2013. My first clinical work experience was at an endocrinologist office, where my first client was a teenage girl living with PCOS. Few years later, I started my own nutrition practice with the focus on women’s health and PCOS. Unfortunately, the majority of recommendations out there come mainly with weight-loss and restrictive diet-centred recommendations. This was leaving my clients confused and frustrated. I’m so passionate about PCOS care. I take a non-diet weight inclusive approach to it. I’m a big believer of intuitive eating and Health At Every Size®. I also believe that people with PCOS are diverse and do not fit within most definitions of the condition. I believe that people with PCOS deserve better. 

Find more on her website at www.nourishwithnoura.com or check out her social media accounts:

Facebook: @nourishwithnoura

Instagram: @nourish.with.noura 

Sarah O’Hara, RD (she/her) is based in New Brunswick, and has 10 years of professional and personal experience with PCOS: 

 Hi! I’m Sarah. I’ve been a dietitian working in reproductive health since 2011, and was personally diagnosed with PCOS when trying to start my family the same year. I’ve worked in both public health and private clinics, and even conducted public health research on the effects of nutrition care on PCOS outcomes. For a while, I honestly felt defeated when it came to helping others manage PCOS through nutrition/lifestyle. Everything short of extreme diet restriction seemed to fail my clients, and I truly believed that there was no best PCOS treatment I could offer. After discovering the benefits of the Health At Every Size® approach and shifting my definition of PCOS success away from weight loss, I felt renewed in my passion to provide support to those with PCOS by using a weight-inclusive and anti-diet approach. I’m currently working in private practice providing both virtual and in-person care, and am motivated every day by the feedback from my clients expressing gratitude and confidence after finding an approach to PCOS management that supports both their physical and mental health, without a side of diet culture. 

Find more on her website at www.sarahoharanutrition.com or check out her social media accounts:

Facebook: @sarahoharard 

Instagram: @sarahohara_rd